Brian Burback, The Leatherbacks’ Vocalist ~ Guitarist

brianBrian Burback was born and raised in High Praire, Alberta, Canada.

In 1988 he moved to Hollywood, California to do formal training in both guitar and bass at the renowned Musicians Institute.

Following school, he moved to Vancouver, Canada where he wrote and performed in the groups Critical Mass and Strangedays.

Now Brian frequents Costa Rica as a guitarist and vocalist for The Leatherbacks.

Brian Burback nació y creció en High Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

En 1988 he se ubico en Hollywood California donde estudio formalmente in guitarra y bajo en el renombrado Musicians Institute.

Despues de su entrenamiento fue a Vancouver, Canada, donde escribió música y toco en las bandas Critical Mass y Strangedays.

Ahora Brian frecuenta Costa Rica como guitarrista y vocalista para The Leatherbacks.